Welcome to the AudioExcite web site! This site is dedicated to all the loudspeaker DIY enthusiast searching for high quality DIY loudspeaker designs and information about building loudspeakers including driver unit measurements etc.

Loudspeakers presented on this web site are mid to high priced DIY designs, but will have a performance that’s equal or surpasses many commercial loudspeaker design costing a far lot more. By building DIY loudspeakers you have the possibility to adjust the loudspeaker to your own preferences and sound ideals.

Several of the loudspeaker models presented on this web site will have different tuning options in order to offer a wider DIY public a chance to find something that matches their personal taste and preferences. That could be e.g. different bass-
alignments or different tweeter options and tweeter level options etc.

Some of the designs presented here will be constructed using common available high quality prefabricated loudspeaker cabinets in order to satisfy those who doesn’t think “woodworking” is the best part of building DIY loudspeakers. That doesn’t rule out those who like “woodworking”, as long as the design directives are followed — “feel free” to build your own choice of cabinets in the design or appearance according to your personal taste.

In my personal experience, building your own loudspeaker cabinets can often be as expensive as buying commercial cabinets. Sometimes it can be much more expensive depending of the choice of finishing. The “choice” is yours.

AudioExcite has the goal to offer DIY loudspeakers designs that fits into a normal sized listening or living-room and to present more detailed measurements than usually found in other similar web sites. The web site will grow over time and new loudspeaker series and models and driver unit measurements will be launched as time flies.

For further reading about Audioexcite go to the Who is? section of this site!

I hope you enjoy the reading on this web site and be sure to follow my projects on my Blog!

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Author of the “AudioExcite Loudspeaker Design” website