“Revelation Two – M4 WG” built by Josip

February 20, 2021 Posted by gornir

Hi Goran, hi folks following Goran’s great website

Few months ago I built the M4 WG. As you can see from attached pictures I’ve built it from some hard wood which I now regret because it has some resonance vibrations (despite internal brace and bitumen pads)on side walls when pushed hard (I believe MDF would be better).

I also built a Symmetrically Balanced Cross-over design and I had to put it in an external enclosure. I have used foil coil and some capacitors from intertechnik.de. I also have used the “variovent” box option which I also regret because the bass is firm but not deep as I expected.

The sound is overall great and on a relaxed side. Unfortunately most of the time I use it for listening to youtube, but when I feed it with some high-resolution music it blows my mind.

I follow your site as well as troelsgravesen.dk site and you are the two best diy loudspeaker sites on this planet. As we in Europe live usually in small rooms I will challenge you to create really small high end 3-way loudspeakers, with cross over points at some 200 and 2500 Hz.

Why? So we can benefit from a midrange driver doing just midrange and woofer doing just bass, and all it for small european rooms. IMHO for bass I would recommend Seas Seas L16RN-SL as it has great HD performance in bass section (see http://www.zaphaudio.com/5.5test/), midrange driver is up to you, and for tweeter I would recommend Scan Speak 2604/832000. But that is just my humble opinion. Once again, Goran thank you for sharing your projects with the DIY community.

Regards, Josip

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