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Summer Project!

June 21, 2015 Posted by gornir

The summer project!

A friend of mine, has upgraded his NHT loudspeakers to the 2.9 model and he’s kindly lending me his old NHT 2.5i loudspeaker for a loudspeaker review!

Expect a similar review like the Wharfedale Diamond 10.2. I will dissect the loudspeaker paired with a lot of measurements and perhaps some suggestions on how to improve the loudspeaker.

It will be interesting too see how a 17 year old loudspeaker design will measure up to today’s standards and how it has survived many years of use.

Stay tuned!






Construction Update!

June 21, 2015 Posted by gornir


Hi Everyone,

It’s time for an update of a new loudspeaker design, soon to be published.

The last loudspeaker design I published was the small Excellence Two – M1 DXT . I urge anyone who owns a pair of SEAS Excel W12 mid-woofers to build it. It has some very impressive performance for its size of only 4.7 liters.

Oh no, some will say, not another 2-way stand-mount! Sorry, but I just love 2-way stand-mount loudspeakers.

This new Classic Two – M5 loudspeaker design is rather large (27 liters), so it can actually quite easily be converted to a small floorstander, if one so wishes.

It uses two driver units from the ScanSpeak “Classic” line. The new and updated  mid-woofer 18W/8545-01 and the tweeter D2905/950000. These two drivers are used in many commercial designs and I can see why. They are some really good sounding drivers and I’m really pleased with the result.

Some fine tuning and some final measurements are left to do and of course, finding the time to publish it!