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Sequence Three – Grand Reference Construction Update2!

August 14, 2012 Posted by gornir


A brief update:

The work is proceeding as planned even though it has been delayed a bit by bad weather. Unfortunately the Swedish summer weather is a bit unpredictable. 🙂

Lately the work has mostly been – sand, fill, sand, fill, sand, fill, sand……… I almost forgot how boring I think sanding is. 😉

Currently I’m working on the loudspeaker foot as well as attaching additional bracing and damping in the woofer section. I’m also planning for the spray painting of the baffles and some parts of the enclosure. The final finishing of the loudspeaker isn’t 100% decided yet.



Left: Mid-woofer and Tweeter baffles.

Right: Woofer baffles



The left loudspeaker shows the tweeter/cross-over enclosure and the baffles, excluding the loudspeaker foot. The right loudspeaker shows the mid/woofer enclosure without baffles.

Sequence Three – Grand Reference Construction Update1!

August 5, 2012 Posted by gornir


Hi everyone,

There has been a bit quiet here on the AudioExcite blog for a while, since work and family vacation had priority over speaker building and blog writing. Even though there hasn’t been much writing lately you can rest assured that the speaker building continues unabated. 🙂

I’ve started the Sequence Three – Grand Reference enclosure construction and I will continuously report about the building progress as it proceeds.

The Sequence Three – Grand Reference enclosure is made of two parts, one which contains the tweeter and the cross-over and one which contains the mid-woofer and the woofer. The top tweeter enclosure can  slide back and forth in order to be able to adjust the acoustical off-set between the tweeter and mid-woofer, if needed in the design.

All baffles uses a baffle replacement system in order to be able to swap drivers in and out as needed and at the same time make the enclosure somewhat future proof.

The overall enclosure dimension is (WxHxD) 33x105x43cm incl. feets + baffle thickness. The tweeter and mid-woofer replacement baffle is 19mm thick, while the woofer baffle is 38mm thick.

The tweeter + cross-over enclosure is 33x20x43cm + the tweeter baffle. The mid-woofer and woofer enclosure are 33x78x43cm + the baffles. The two bass-reflex ports are mounted in the bottom of the enclosure. The enclosure feet’s are 7cm high including the “Sonic Design” damping feet’s.

All internal walls are covered with 4mm bitumen pads as well as bracings for the mid-woofer and woofer section.

The woofer net volume is about 64 liter minus the volume for the bracing, bitumen pads, bass-reflex ports and driver, which gives approximately 55-56 liter for the woofer to work in. The mid-woofer and tweeter sections are about 18 liter volume each.



Upper Left: Mid-woofer and woofer enclosure.

Upper Right: Woofer section.

Lower Left: Mid-woofer section.

Lower Right: Tweeter and cross-over enclosure.



Upper Left: Round-over jig.

Upper Right: Mid-woofer chamfering.

Lower Left: Woofer routing and flush-mount cutout.

Lower Right: Milled groove to be filled with elastic filler for invisible MDF board joints.