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Revelation Two – Monitor MkII BE Released!

January 26, 2013 Posted by gornir


I’ve published the ScanSpeak ”Beryllium” tweeter version of the Revelation Two – Monitor MkII loudspeaker design and the details can be found here:

Revelation Two – Monitor MkII BE

The two versions are similar, but the 600$ more expensive Beryllium version elevates the already very good sound quality a couple of notches.

Which of the two versions should you choose?

The textile dome version has better price/performance ratio, but if you are searching for the last few percent of better performance, slightly different tweeter character and isn’t price sensitive, go for the Beryllium version!

More details about the ScanSpeak “Textile” and “Beryllium” tweeter dome differences can be found here:

ScanSpeak Textile Dome vs Beryllium Dome!




What’s cooking?

January 5, 2013 Posted by gornir


In this first blog post of the year I think I should give an update on what is going on at AudioExcite at the moment! 🙂

Revelation Two – Monitor MkII BE:


This is basically the “Beryllium” version of the Revelation Two – Monitor MkII. It’s almost finished. Some additional listening tests and tweaking are in progress and the most of the measurements are done, but of course the write-up and the publishing remains.

Sequence Three – Grand Reference:


This is my large 3-way reference build I’m working on since last summer. Besides the front grills it is almost cosmetically finished. I had it hooked up to my DEQX HDP-3 running it actively during the autumn to get a feeling of the driver’s capabilities and character.

Unfortunately I haven’t had as much time to engage in this build as I wanted, but finally during the Christmas holidays I’ve literally has done hundreds of frequency measurements and will as soon as I sorted them out, start some cross-over simulations.

Sequence Three – Grand Reference Construction!

 Satori mid-woofer MW16P-4:


I’ve done some measurements on this nice mid-woofer which can be read here:

SB Acoustics “Satori” MW16P-4

I’m now currently doing some cross-over simulations based on these measurements and it looks quite promising. The tweeters I’m thinking of using together with the Satori are these:

ScanSpeak D3004/602010
ScanSpeak R3004/602010

I haven’t yet decided which one of them to use, or both or something else. More simulations and perhaps listening tests remain before choosing.

Joachim Gerhard is using the same mid-woofer in a loudspeaker kit his doing for SB Acoustics and the build thread can be read here:

SB Acoustics Satori Monitor

And here:

SB Acoustics News!

Also, Jeff Bagby has done a very nice “transient perfect” design based around the Satori drivers and some details of it can be read in the same thread.

I’m not intending to build a copycat of either of these designs. My design based around the Satori mid-woofer will have another design and look to it and use different tweeters.

Wave guide test:


I’ve done some tests and measurements of a wave guide and combined it with four different tweeters I currently had available on the shelf. Some analysis remains and of course the write-up of it.

Waiting for new driver units to be delivered!


I’m very excited in a pair of driver units I’m waiting for to be delivered. I will not yet reveal what brand and model they are before I have them in my hands, but I can tell you that they are one of the world’s finest, in its genre.

These are not generally available to the public as DIY driver units and I’m not sure how much I will write about them in order not to unleash the wrath of the Manufacturer!!!


It looks like 2013 will be  an exciting DIY loudspeaker year! 🙂