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Hifi Show Report!

March 2, 2017 Posted by gornir


Hi everyone,

Here are some pictures and comments from the HighEnd Hifi show I visited 18-19th of February 2017 here in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm HighEnd 2017

Bowers & Wilkins 685 Mod by Phil

March 1, 2017 Posted by gornir


Dear Goran,

This weekend I completed the build and installation of your crossover mod 1.5 in my 685 speakers. As it was my first DIY speaker project I had a few surprises along the way, the worst of which was a stripped screw on my left speaker. But it the end I extracted the stripped screw and the modifications was successful.

My initial impressions of the modification are  favorable. The speakers seem quite balanced at the lower crossover frequency. They keep the fast, quick response that I always liked about the speakers. Also, the high treble sound from the tweeter seems much less fatiguing.

There still isn’t a lot of bass when I play them on stands in my living room, but my primary use is in my music teaching studio attached to a computer and a Yamaha keyboard system. For this the added accuracy and driver integration is quite valuable.

I’ve attached a few pictures from the repair, I hope you find my initial steps in diy modification a bit entertaining. I used a crossover board from Parts express, this helped my visualize the circuit. My last attempts at building circuits were from model rocketry when I was a kid, so getting the solder gun out again was a lot of fun. If you had any thoughts on how i laid out the crossover, or suggested resources for improving my skills for future projects I love to hear them. For now, I think the project was a success.

I’ve sent a small donation to your website. Thanks again for your correspondence and for sharing your detailed work online. In the future I may be interested in trying one of your Dayton Audio enclosure speaker designs, I’m especially interested in the Prestigious Two Monitor DXT and may aim to make it a summer project.

Best wishes,