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Happy Birthday – AudioExcite 1 year!

November 3, 2012 Posted by gornir


Today I celebrate AudioExcite’s first year as a DIY loudspeaker  website. 🙂

First I want to thank all the readers for inspiring me to continue the work. I get a lot of interesting e-mails, which encourage me to continue. The website visits continues to grow steadily.

During this first year I’ve published six loudspeaker designs, done some driver unit testing’s as well as a loudspeaker review. I hope to be able to continue unabated, but I’m more of a technical, rather than a writer guy and publishing material is actually very time consuming. In the future I also want to publish more equipment reviews as well as driver unit measurements and HiFi show reports.

As always I have a lot of future ideas and plans for new loudspeaker designs. Currently I’m working with the large 3-way “Sequence Three – Grand Reference” loudspeaker. The construction continues as planned and I currently evaluate and listen to them with my DEQX pre-amp, crossed-over actively.

So far I like what I hear, but I think the mid-range/tweeter cross-over will be a challenge to get right. Currently I’m using a phase linear 48dB/octave cross-over with speaker correction. It’s crossed-over at 350Hz between the woofer and mid-range and  I’m testing different cross-over frequencies between 2.5-3kHz for the mid-range/tweeter. Currently I like the lower cross-over setup, but time will tell what I end up with.

Before I start the passive cross-over design I need to do some extensive measurements in order to begin the cross-over simulations. This loudspeaker is not the easiest loudspeaker to measure, since it’s so large and heavy. Without cross-over it weighs about 55kg each. Hopefully the new set of measurements will be done during the Christmas holidays.

Another design that’s in the pipe-line is the “Revelation Two – Monitor MkII” The MkII version uses the ScanSpeak D3004/660000 AirCirc tweeter instead of the “HDS” tweeter as well as a different cross-over topology. This setup brings the Revelation Two – Monitor to a new higher level of sonic performance. As soon as I’ve done the write-up it will be published.


Left: “Revelation Two – Monitor MkII”

Right: “Revelation Two – Monitor MkII” with “Beryllium” tweeter option.


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