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Revelation Two – Monitor WG Construction Released!

October 25, 2014 Posted by gornir


It has been a while since the last published loudspeaker design. The reason for that isn’t the lack of designs; it’s the lack of time to publish them!

The new Revelation Two – Monitor WG loudspeaker uses one of my absolute favorite mid-woofers, the ScanSpeak 15W/4531G00. With its smooth frequency response it’s very easy to work with and it sounds wonderful in shallow sloped cross-over designs.

This time I use a WG148R waveguide from Visaton in combination with the Dayton Audio RS28F-4 tweeter and the ScanSpeak 15W/4531G00 mid-woofer.

By using a waveguide it isn’t necessary to use a stepped or sloped baffle to time align the drivers in order to compensate for the drivers “relative acoustic center off-set”. This is important when using a shallow sloped cross-over topology like the second-order Linkwitz-Riley type of cross-over used in this loudspeaker design.

The waveguide also have the benefit of improving the dispersion and to give a smoother power response compared to a conventional mid-woofer + dome tweeter setup.

There are three versions of the cross-over, the Simplistic, the Perfectionist and something in between, the Intermediate.

Each of them is a valid option and can be chosen according to personal taste and e.g. room placement. In my opinion each extra step to the Perfectionist cross-over adds additional sonic qualities, but for the cross-over purists the Simplistic version is nice.

For further details see: Revelation Two – Monitor WG

Monacor DT-300 + WG-300 Measurements!

October 23, 2014 Posted by gornir



I’ve measured and tested the inexpensively priced Monacor DT-300 soft dome tweeter and WG-300 waveguide. It has a plastic tweeter face plate, but feels robust and nicely built. The tweeter has a high performance/cost ratio.


For measurement details see: Monacor DT-300 + WG-300

ScanSpeak D2905/950000 Measurements!

October 21, 2014 Posted by gornir


I’ve measured and tested the very nice “Classic” ScanSpeak D2905/950000 soft dome tweeter. It has a very robust and nice build quality. The price tag is rather high, but this tweeter is well worth the money.


For measurement details see: ScanSpeak D2905/950000

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 4!

September 21, 2014 Posted by gornir

The final part of the review can be found here:

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 4



“Revelation Two – Monitor” built by Rafal (Poland) Update!

July 29, 2014 Posted by gornir


Here´s a picture and review update of Rafal’s beautiful creation of the “Revelation Two – Monitor” design inspired by the “Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento” loudspeaker.

For further details see:

“Revelation Two – Monitor” built by Rafal (Poland) Update!

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 3!

June 20, 2014 Posted by gornir


Part 3 of the review can be found here:

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 3



Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 2 Update!

June 8, 2014 Posted by gornir



I described in part 2 of my Wharfedale 10.2 review that my right loudspeaker didn’t sound and measure the same as the left loudspeaker.

The reason for this is:

  1. The mid-woofer had a mechanical creaky sound from the surround/suspension and even though it measured almost identical as the mid-woofer in the left loudspeaker the creaky sound could be heard in bass heavy recordings.
  2. The tweeter in the right loudspeaker had significant lower sensitivity which gave about 1.5-2dB lower output in the tweeter’s frequency response.


I contacted my local HiFi shop and supplier which immediately supplied me a new tweeter and mid-woofer.

I have now updated the part 2 review with some new measurements for the replacement drivers.

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 2



Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 2!

May 25, 2014 Posted by gornir


Part 2 of the review can be found here:

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 2



Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 1!

May 18, 2014 Posted by gornir


Part 1 of the review can be found here:

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 review part 1



Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 Review!

May 11, 2014 Posted by gornir



In a series of articles I will review the popular budget priced stand-mount loudspeaker Wharfedale Diamond 10.2. The Diamond 10.2 along with its smaller sibling Diamond 10.1 has got some good reviews among the Hifi Magazines around the world.

The Diamond 10.2 costs approximately 450$ and has roughly the same price as an entry level DIY loudspeaker of decent quality. In this article I will try to reveal some of the tradeoffs made in order to manufacture a loudspeaker in this price range compared to a DIY loudspeaker.  I will also explore the possibility to make some modifications to the original Diamond 10.2 design in order to make it sound better.

Unlike most Hifi Magazines who only review the loudspeaker and give it some subjective listening comments and sometimes some rudimentary measurements descriptions I will do the following:

First I will unpack the loudspeaker and describe what’s in the “package” and describe its build quality and chosen components. I will listen to the loudspeaker and give my subjective comments about the sound quality.

Then I will do a full set of measurements including on and off-axis frequency measurements, impedance and distortion measurements. I will comment my findings from the measurement results.

After that I will dissect the loudspeaker and un-mount the drivers, cross-over, ports  damping material and examine the cabinet construction in detail. I will measure each individual drivers frequency, impedance, distortion and analyze the cross-over etc.

Then I will do some cross-over simulation of the original cross-over and see if there are some possible improvements to be made to the original cross-over or if a complete remake of the cross-over is necessary. I will also make some suggestions on how to modify the original loudspeaker regarding cross-over component quality, cabinet damping and bracing etc.

Finally I will do a full set of new measurements of the (perhaps) modified loudspeaker along with new subjective listening impressions.


I hope you will enjoy this article series!