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Kensho Two – M3 Construction Released!

April 1, 2017 Posted by gornir


The Kensho Two – M3

“Kensho” is Japanese for “seeing nature.” It means seeing one’s true nature; perceiving the self, but can also in Zen Buddhism mean “a brief experience of enlightenment”.

This loudspeaker is a small 2-way using a 5” mid-woofer and a 1″ coated textile dome tweeter in a 11 liter enclosure.

This low distorting and moderate priced loudspeaker performs very well and it delivers a generous soundstage with an extended high frequency response and a powerful bass response.

For details see:

Kensho Two – M3



Hifi Show Report!

March 2, 2017 Posted by gornir


Hi everyone,

Here are some pictures and comments from the HighEnd Hifi show I visited 18-19th of February 2017 here in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm HighEnd 2017

Bowers & Wilkins 685 Review Part 4

January 13, 2017 Posted by gornir

This is the fourth and final review part. It contains four different Mod suggestions. The simplest one is only a tweeter level adjustment and the most complex one is a completely different cross-over.

The Mods gives you a more neutral and balanced sound compared to the original B&W 685 loudspeaker.

Follow the link in order to read the fourth review part:

Bowers & Wilkins 685 review part 4

Happy DIY!




Bowers & Wilkins 685 review part 3

December 30, 2016 Posted by gornir

The third review part shows the T/S parameters, impedance, frequency and distortion measurements of the tweeter and mid-woofer used in the B&W 685 loudspeaker as well as an analysis of the cross-over used in the loudspeaker.

Follow the link in order to read the third review part:

Bowers & Wilkins 685 review part 3



Bowers & Wilkins 685 review part 2

December 18, 2016 Posted by gornir


In the second review part I show the impedance, frequency and distortion measurements of the B&W 685 loudspeaker.

Follow the link in order to read the second review part:

Bowers & Wilkins 685 review part 2



Bowers & Wilkins 685 review part 1

December 11, 2016 Posted by gornir

This is the first part of a multi part review of the Bowers & Wilkins 685 stand-mount loudspeaker from the fourth generation of the famous 600 series.

In the first review part I describe the B&W 685 loudspeaker and it’s cabinet construction and give some initial listening impressions.

In later review parts, I will show frequency, impedance and distortion measurements of the B&W 685, but also the same for the individual tweeter and mid-woofer drivers.

I will also do some cross-over simulations and hopefully give some modification tips in order to improve the sound quality of this loudspeaker.

Follow the link in order to read the first review part:

Bowers & Wilkins 685 review part 1



SB Acoustics SB29RDC vs. Satori TW29R-B

December 7, 2016 Posted by gornir


What are the similarities and differences the between the SB Acoustics SB29RDC versus the Satori TW29R-B tweeter?

(click on picture to zoom)

Left: SB29RDC

Right: TW29R-B

For a complete set of measurements see:

SB Acoustics SB29RDC
SB Acoustics “Satori” TW29R-B




Blue: = SB29RDC

Green: = TW29R-B

Both tweeters have the same DC resistance and they have very similar impedance curve in the cross-over region (1.5-3kHz).



Tweeter On-axis (0deg) 1m measurement:

Blue: = SB29RDC

Red: = TW29R-B

Both tweeters have very similar frequency response. The TW29R-B tweeter has a more linear and extended frequency response above 15kHz. This is probably due to the slightly different shape of the face-plate.

(click on picture to zoom)

Left: SB29RDC

Right: TW29R-B

The TW29R-B have a slightly more concave face-plate than the SB29RDC.




(click on picture to zoom)

95dB @ 1m
Left: = SB29RDC
Right: = TW29R-B

Both these tweeters have a low distortion profile, but the TW29R-B is a couple of notches better than the SB29RDC




  • The have identical fabric ring domes.
  • They have the same voice-coil and effective cone area.
  • They have the similar resonance frequency and the same DC resistance.
  • They have the same frequency response up to 15kHz.
  • They have the same sensitivity (92dB @ 2.83v/1m).
  • They have similar impedance in the cross-over region (1.5-3kHz).
  • They have a dual balanced compression chamber.



  • The TW29R-B tweeter costs roughly 2 ½ times more than the SB29RDC tweeter.
  • The TW29R-B frequency response above 15kHz are more linear and extended than the SB29RDC
  • The TW29R-B has lower distortion compared to the SB29RDC tweeter.
  • The TW29R-B has a two part aluminium face-plate with integrated mechanical decoupling, while the SB29RDC face-plate is made of plastic.
  • The face-plate of the TW29R-B is 2mm thicker and the diameter is 0.2mm smaller than the SB29RDC.
  • The TW29R-B has dual copper caps compared to single cap in the SB29RDC resulting in a lower distortion profile.


The question is:

  1. Are they interchangeable with each other in the same loudspeaker design?
  2. Which one has the best overall performance?
  3. Which one has the best price/performance ratio?
  4. Do they sound the same and which one sounds the best?


The answer is:

  1. Probably YES, but minor adjustments might be required for perfection.
  2. The TW29R-B tweeter has a slightly better distortion profile than the SB29RDC, otherwise they are both top performers.
  3. My personal opinion is that the SB29RDC has a better price/performance ratio, due to a significant lower cost.
  4. Sorry, I don’t know! I haven’t yet tested these tweeters in a loudspeaker design. I suspect they have similar sound characteristics.


Both these tweeters are world-class performers. If you want the “top of the line” or something with a premium looks and isn’t cost-sensitive, go for the TW29R-B. If you have a limited budget, go for the SB29RDC.

SB Acoustics SB29RDC-C000-4 Measurements!

December 5, 2016 Posted by gornir

On the testbench we have the SB Acoustics SB29RDC. It’s a nice performing tweeter which shares several features with the more expensive Satori TW29R-B tweeter.

There will be a comparison between these two tweeters in a later blog post.

For measurement details see:

SB Acoustics SB29RDC.


Due to a measurement setup issue, the distortion measurements has been updated for the Satori TW29R-B tweeter. The distortion profile for this tweeter is very good!

For measurement details see:

SB Acoustics “Satori” TW29R-B.



What’s underway!

November 26, 2016 Posted by gornir


I thought I should give an update on what’s in progress at AudioExcite.

Currently I’m building a floor-stand version of the “Concentric Three”. It uses the very nice KEF SP1632 mid-range co-axial driver used in the KEF R-series. This time I’ve paired it with dual SBAcoustic SB17NAC35 mid-woofers in a small furnishing friendly size.



I’m also preparing for a loudspeaker review of the Bowers & Wilkins 685 stand-mount loudspeaker. It will be reviewed, dissected and I will probably give some suggestions on how to improve this loudspeaker. Be prepared for a lot of measurements, cross-over simulations and listening impressions.

The review will be divided into several parts, much like previous reviews I’ve done on e.g. NHT 2.5i and Wharfedale Diamond 10.2.





AudioExcite – 5 year anniversary!

November 6, 2016 Posted by gornir


Time flies so fast!

I can’t believe it, but the AudioExcite website has been up for five years now. It has really been fun to work with the website and its contents, even though it’s very time consuming. I have met new friends and have had many rewarding e-mail conversations during the years.

I have great plans on how I would like to develop the content on the website. Unfortunately, I always seem to have too little time since I also have a day time job as well as a family to take care of.

You DIY loudspeaker enthusiasts can help me!

I would like to do a lot more driver measurements, but since I’m not sponsored I need to buy all the drivers myself and that costs a lot of money. If you have drivers you would like to have measured, you can send them to me and I send them back to you when I’m finished with them.

If you have drivers to be measured, fill in the contact form and I will get back to you.

AudioExcite Contact Form

Another way you readers could contribute to are by donating some money. All donations I receive are always invested in new drivers and loudspeaker designs as well as in the running costs of the website.

I’m extremely grateful for all contributions.


Thank you!

Best Regards