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“Excellence Two – Mini Monitor DXT” built by Bart (Australia)

May 10, 2023 Posted by gornir

I finished building the Excellent Two – M1 DXT around 4 year ago. Initially I bought the Seas woofers
from someone’s unfinished project. After researching the units I realized that these are difficult to
implement correctly. Thus rather than designing a configuration myself I found the design of the
Excellent Two as one of the few available online using this excellent little woofer. It ticked all the
boxes; small, simple filter setup, and high quality parts.

Getting the parts was more difficult than I originally anticipated. Seas doesn’t have a large presence
in Australia. Thus I ended up ordering the tweeters and filter parts from Europe myself.

The build was straightforward, only detail missing is the exact location of the port, thus I guessed
directly behind the tweeter. I build the speaker boxes from MDF and sprayed them with acrylic car
paint blue metallic (see picture). IMO this works well due to their rather smallish size.

The first testrun I did with the excellent two was in our 65m2 family room which has a lot of hard
surfaces, I used a 30 W class A amp. The sound blow me away, very revealing with unbelievable
dynamics for such a small speaker; it was able to fill the room up to reasonable sound levels. Bass
was very good too, obvious no subsonic heavy bass, but that’s to be expected from a 4.5” driver. My
wife and daughters were equally impressed.

After the test I moved the speakers to my desktop, besides my 38” monitor. Initially I heard some
distortion using a cd-player, class A amp and class A pre amp. After switching channels etc. I found
out that one of the channels of the pre-amp had a too high bias which pushed the power transitor
slightly in saturation. Now this must have been like this for a long time and I never picked it up
before, even not with my Solosound Electrostatic speakers (which I love too, but they are so

After fixing the pre-amp I still found the sound a bit harsh, so I bought a good quality DAC, and that
gave me sound I was after; clean, clear and still plenty umph for this application. So yes the speakers
are revealing and will show any imperfection in your equipment.

I have my laptop (and cd player) connected to the DAC through an USB slot and use the Excellent
Two nearly every day. Now after using them for more than 4 years I still love the Excellent Two and
still like them as much as I did 4 years back. So thanks for the work you did Göran with designing
these excellent little speakers. Only issue I have is that I am sitting a bit too close to the speakers
(80-90 cm) but I can live with that.

So thumps up for this design, and feel free to put my review on your website.


Bart G.

“Revelation Two – M4 WG” built by Josip

February 20, 2021 Posted by gornir

Hi Goran, hi folks following Goran’s great website

Few months ago I built the M4 WG. As you can see from attached pictures I’ve built it from some hard wood which I now regret because it has some resonance vibrations (despite internal brace and bitumen pads)on side walls when pushed hard (I believe MDF would be better).

I also built a Symmetrically Balanced Cross-over design and I had to put it in an external enclosure. I have used foil coil and some capacitors from I also have used the “variovent” box option which I also regret because the bass is firm but not deep as I expected.

The sound is overall great and on a relaxed side. Unfortunately most of the time I use it for listening to youtube, but when I feed it with some high-resolution music it blows my mind.

I follow your site as well as site and you are the two best diy loudspeaker sites on this planet. As we in Europe live usually in small rooms I will challenge you to create really small high end 3-way loudspeakers, with cross over points at some 200 and 2500 Hz.

Why? So we can benefit from a midrange driver doing just midrange and woofer doing just bass, and all it for small european rooms. IMHO for bass I would recommend Seas Seas L16RN-SL as it has great HD performance in bass section (see, midrange driver is up to you, and for tweeter I would recommend Scan Speak 2604/832000. But that is just my humble opinion. Once again, Goran thank you for sharing your projects with the DIY community.

Regards, Josip

“Satori Two – Monitor” (sloped baffle) built by Przemek

November 11, 2018 Posted by gornir

Hi Göran

“In last week I have finished my project with Satori project from your site. In attachment you can find result of this work, feel free to publish this photo on your blog if you want.
The sound is much more datailed & wider scene comparing to my Dynaudio Focus 160. My first impression was also less bass than Dynaudio, but in fact it’s not bumped on higher bass & in the same time much better on lower frequencies. Comparing in the same time both speakers I like more the Satori speakers.
Thank you again for your efforts & have a nice day.”

Best regards,

“Prestigious Two – Monitor DXT” built by Stefan (Netherlands)

April 24, 2017 Posted by gornir

“After a disappointing project building the Seas iDunn kit, I still felt there was much more quality to get out of the DXT tweeter from Seas. I came across the Prestigious Two design and immediately like the simplicity of it, especially in the cross-over section. I ordered the U16. I heard many good things about it and of course, another project on your hands is always fun and exciting. I 1st built a prototype cabinet, to see if the sound of the Prestigious Two was more what I was looking for.

The 1st time I turned the music on, I was quite for probably 15 minutes. I just could not get enough listening to my favourite records all over again. This configuration is so well balanced and the cross-over section is simply perfect. You never think you listen to a woofer and a tweeter separately, it sounds like one. The phase behaviour is probably what I like most. Across the entire frequency range, it sounds aligned. The U16 gives very decent bass performance, the highs are very subtle without every sounding harsh. But the mid’s is really where this design shines. Voices sound incredible precise. This design puts a smile on my face every day.

After the prototype, I started to work on the final cabinets. I used multiplex frames and laminated them on top, with a separate baffle mounted to the front. This construction is super-strong and the ellipse-shape looks very nice (I understand this is personal).

Goran provides several options to shape the tweeter-response, so you can fine-tune as much as you like. I choose to damp the tweeter level just a little bit. I can listen to this sound all day long and never get bored or tired. Also, as there is only one capacitor in the tweeter signal-path, experimenting with different brands is still affordable. I currently have a Janzen Silver Z-Cap and it sounds very nice.

And if I want to change it, you don’t have to break the bank.

The speakers do need a bit of power to come alive. I have paired up these speakers with a Holton Precision Audio amplifier-kit and this was a major step up from my Hypex UcD amplifiers. I highly recommend building this as well.

Thanks Goran for this fun design!”



Bowers & Wilkins 685 Mod by Phil

March 1, 2017 Posted by gornir


Dear Goran,

This weekend I completed the build and installation of your crossover mod 1.5 in my 685 speakers. As it was my first DIY speaker project I had a few surprises along the way, the worst of which was a stripped screw on my left speaker. But it the end I extracted the stripped screw and the modifications was successful.

My initial impressions of the modification are  favorable. The speakers seem quite balanced at the lower crossover frequency. They keep the fast, quick response that I always liked about the speakers. Also, the high treble sound from the tweeter seems much less fatiguing.

There still isn’t a lot of bass when I play them on stands in my living room, but my primary use is in my music teaching studio attached to a computer and a Yamaha keyboard system. For this the added accuracy and driver integration is quite valuable.

I’ve attached a few pictures from the repair, I hope you find my initial steps in diy modification a bit entertaining. I used a crossover board from Parts express, this helped my visualize the circuit. My last attempts at building circuits were from model rocketry when I was a kid, so getting the solder gun out again was a lot of fun. If you had any thoughts on how i laid out the crossover, or suggested resources for improving my skills for future projects I love to hear them. For now, I think the project was a success.

I’ve sent a small donation to your website. Thanks again for your correspondence and for sharing your detailed work online. In the future I may be interested in trying one of your Dayton Audio enclosure speaker designs, I’m especially interested in the Prestigious Two Monitor DXT and may aim to make it a summer project.

Best wishes,



“Prestigious Two – Monitor DXT” from (Austria)

August 6, 2016 Posted by gornir


Hello Göran,

I have already finished the prestigious two monitor and I am very happy with its sound.
Currently I am trying the different crossover options – this is not so easy, because it’s depends on the connected amplifier.

Thanks for your support. I honored it with a little donations.

Kind regards,


“Sequence Two – Monitor” built by Axel (France)

December 5, 2014 Posted by gornir



Hi Goran,

The sequences-two are beautiful, airy, accurate. World class. TOP. During the first phase of listening, my son who is a pianist was impressed.

Small but great sound. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Really thank you.


“Satori Two – Monitor” built by John (Canada)

October 10, 2014 Posted by gornir

John_1Hi Goran,

I think i have found the problem and you are right, it is the Sansui which is 39 years old. The speakers are performing superbly on my modern yamaha AV amp but the sibilance issue arises only on the left channel of the Sansui, regardless of which speakers are connected. I will have to replace all of the electrolytic capacitors in the old amp and see if that cures the problem, then work on transistors.  Your design sounds fantastic and even my wife likes the look of them here in our living room. I am attaching a pic but they are not quite finished as i have to make proper stands for them. When i complete that i will send better pics.

Thanks so much for your design work and help.


“Revelation Two – Monitor MkII” built by Joze (Slovenia)

April 25, 2014 Posted by gornir


Hello Göran,

I am sorry that I didn’t send you better photos earlier. Unfortunately, my photo camera broke and I still didn’t get it from repair. I’ll send you photos I made with my mobile phone.

Regarding the speakers, I am really satisfied with the sound. If some one else tries to build this project and makes nice, good looking  cabinets, I think the satisfaction will be even better for this amount of money. I succeeded with help of your project.

Thank you again for all help and suggestions. I would highly recommend this project to anyone.

Best regards,

Joze (Slovenia)




“Revelation Two – Monitor” built by Rafal (Poland)

April 23, 2014 Posted by gornir


Hi Göran,

I have contacted you some time ago regarding bass reflex length for
Revelation Two monitor (although I’m using 13.5l option right now).
I have almost finished built and am listening to these speakers right
now so I can share my opinion. I have already built similar project
(Ellam-XT by Troels Gravesen) so I can compare both (although not

Overall I agree with your sound description. Bass/mids are similar to
these in Elam XT but tweeter is more forward sounding (I’m using 0
db reference level). I think the best way to describe differences
between your project and Ellam XT is to say that it’s
“brighter”. Your project is also more sensitive which can be

Vifa XT25TG tweeters were better suited for my taste (which doesn’t
mean D2608/913000 is bad) but everything else is as good or better in
your project.

I understand that you prefer to use prefabricated cabinets but I’m
the woodworking guy and building these cabinets were as important (and
fun) for me as listening to finished speakers.

Cabinets are made from MDF (top and bottom are around 22mm, front is
32mm and back is even thicker) and multiple layers of bent 3mm HDF on
sides (overall 18mm). These are finished with Bloodwood veneer and
polyurethane to high gloss.

Crossover were made with Jantzen Standard Z-caps, Jantzen SUPERES and
Jantzen Wire air coils. Internal cables are made from silver plated
copper but I don’t think it makes any difference. Cable terminals
are rhodium plated purely for aesthetic reasons.

I need to finish polishing (with pre sanding) them and make front
grills/stands but right now polyurethane is seasoning and will be for
some time so I thought I will give you my response. I will update you
with photos of finished speakers as soon as possible.

Rafal (Poland)

AudioExcite Note! Since the baffle layout is somewhat modified compared to the original design, the tweeter frequency response will be slightly different than in the “Revelation Two – Monitor” design.


Update! 2014-07-29


(click on picture to zoom)

 It took a while but here are promised photos of finished speakers (feel free to publish them on your website if you want). Unfortunately I have had no time to do any measurements (I still plan to do them when time permits).

I don’t think these are “too bright” anymore, maybe it’s just me getting used to new sound or speakers are “burning in” it don’t really matter anyway.

I’m really happy with them and the only reason to upgrade for me will be to build something bigger … but probably not for another few years.

This doesn’t mean I’m quitting diy for a few years, I’m almost done with front grills for these (ala Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento), and next I’m building “clone” of Accuphase E-450 amplifier.

Rafal (Poland)