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Satori Two – Monitor Prototype!

November 10, 2013 Posted by gornir

Sorry for the poor picture quality!

Satori Two – Monitor Prototype!

Satori Two – Monitor is the current project I’m working on. The pictures show the unpainted prototype baffle that’s on the test bench.  As you can see in the pictures a stepped baffle is used in order to compensate for the tweeter and the mid-woofers relative acoustic center off-sets.

The cross-over prototype uses a shallow sloped LR2 (acoustical) filter, which electrically consist of a first order filter + a response shaping circuit for the mid-woofer and a second-order filter + a response shaping circuit for the tweeter.

Two different ScanSpeak Illuminator tweeter options will be tested and can you read more about these two different tweeters here:

ScanSpeak Illuminator Tweeter Measurements!

I will soon start the prototype cross-over evaluation and listening tests.

Sequence Three – Grand Reference!

The Sequence Three – Grand Reference design is finished, but unfortunately I haven’t done final measurements and the write-up for publishing yet. I had a mishap with the RAAL ribbons where I accidently got a bad ground loop in one of my amplifiers due to a poorly fastened signal cable in combination with the RAALs connected with only a single cap. The RAAL ribbons are very robust and didn’t break completely, but the ribbon did get stretched. I haven’t yet succeeded to tighten them enough to be satisfied.

The loudspeaker sounds good, but not as great as they did before the mishap. I will once again try to tighten them, but in the end I might have to buy a new set of replacement ribbons before I make the final measurements for the write-up.

If you can’t wait for me to publish the finished Sequence Three – Grand Reference design and you are planning to build something similar, you can always contact me by mail by filling in the Contact Form and I will give you some cross-over details to get you started with the design.

Currently I also doing some extensive driver unit measurements on a series of modest priced tweeters and mid-woofers that I will use in future designs.