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“Revelation Two – Monitor MkII” built by Joze (Slovenia)

April 25, 2014 Posted by gornir


Hello Göran,

I am sorry that I didn’t send you better photos earlier. Unfortunately, my photo camera broke and I still didn’t get it from repair. I’ll send you photos I made with my mobile phone.

Regarding the speakers, I am really satisfied with the sound. If some one else tries to build this project and makes nice, good looking  cabinets, I think the satisfaction will be even better for this amount of money. I succeeded with help of your project.

Thank you again for all help and suggestions. I would highly recommend this project to anyone.

Best regards,

Joze (Slovenia)




“Revelation Two – Monitor” built by Rafal (Poland)

April 23, 2014 Posted by gornir


Hi Göran,

I have contacted you some time ago regarding bass reflex length for
Revelation Two monitor (although I’m using 13.5l option right now).
I have almost finished built and am listening to these speakers right
now so I can share my opinion. I have already built similar project
(Ellam-XT by Troels Gravesen) so I can compare both (although not

Overall I agree with your sound description. Bass/mids are similar to
these in Elam XT but tweeter is more forward sounding (I’m using 0
db reference level). I think the best way to describe differences
between your project and Ellam XT is to say that it’s
“brighter”. Your project is also more sensitive which can be

Vifa XT25TG tweeters were better suited for my taste (which doesn’t
mean D2608/913000 is bad) but everything else is as good or better in
your project.

I understand that you prefer to use prefabricated cabinets but I’m
the woodworking guy and building these cabinets were as important (and
fun) for me as listening to finished speakers.

Cabinets are made from MDF (top and bottom are around 22mm, front is
32mm and back is even thicker) and multiple layers of bent 3mm HDF on
sides (overall 18mm). These are finished with Bloodwood veneer and
polyurethane to high gloss.

Crossover were made with Jantzen Standard Z-caps, Jantzen SUPERES and
Jantzen Wire air coils. Internal cables are made from silver plated
copper but I don’t think it makes any difference. Cable terminals
are rhodium plated purely for aesthetic reasons.

I need to finish polishing (with pre sanding) them and make front
grills/stands but right now polyurethane is seasoning and will be for
some time so I thought I will give you my response. I will update you
with photos of finished speakers as soon as possible.

Rafal (Poland)

AudioExcite Note! Since the baffle layout is somewhat modified compared to the original design, the tweeter frequency response will be slightly different than in the “Revelation Two – Monitor” design.


Update! 2014-07-29


(click on picture to zoom)

 It took a while but here are promised photos of finished speakers (feel free to publish them on your website if you want). Unfortunately I have had no time to do any measurements (I still plan to do them when time permits).

I don’t think these are “too bright” anymore, maybe it’s just me getting used to new sound or speakers are “burning in” it don’t really matter anyway.

I’m really happy with them and the only reason to upgrade for me will be to build something bigger … but probably not for another few years.

This doesn’t mean I’m quitting diy for a few years, I’m almost done with front grills for these (ala Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento), and next I’m building “clone” of Accuphase E-450 amplifier.

Rafal (Poland)