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A New Blog Update!

February 28, 2016 Posted by gornir


Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since my last Blog post!

I’ve been occupied with family concerns. First of all we have moved to a new house and now I finally have a dedicated listening and measuring room.  Secondly my Father sadly passed away just before Christmas and that has of course had an impact on my available time for loudspeaker constructions.

Even though I haven’t updated the website for a while, I have continued working as much as I could on some new projects.

By now, everyone who has followed my Blog must have noticed that I’m a sucker for stand-mount loudspeakers and to no surprise there are hopefully two new stand-mounts released and published during this spring.

One of them is nearly finished and I’m only waiting for the time and opportunity to find the time to do the last measurements and fine tuning and then publish it.

The other one requires a new enclosure in order to be finished and I’m waiting for better weather in order to do the necessary woodworking.

Both constructions are low/moderate priced loudspeakers. One uses a 5” mid-woofer paired with a cost effective ribbon tweeter. The other one uses a 7” mid-woofer paired with a waveguide tweeter of similar size.

Later this week I will publish some photos and comments on the Stockholm High End and Sweetspot Hifi shows I attended 20-21st of February, here in Stockholm Sweden.

By for now!