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AudioExcite in cooperation with HULGICH AUDIO!

June 10, 2017 Posted by gornir


I’m proud to present the AudioExcite Loudspeaker Design cooperation with HULGICH AUDIO!

It all started about three years ago when I met Nicholas Hulgich, the founder and owner of HULGICH AUDIO and he contacted me for some technical questions regarding a specific loudspeaker design.

Nick, his nickname in Australia is a great guy and he has over the years become my dear friend and we both share similar compassion for music and of course the interest in great sounding loudspeakers.

Nick is born and raised in Argentina where he has a background as an industrial designer. He emigrated with his wife to Australia in 2005. Nick and his HULGICH AUDIO team are based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ok, where does AudioExcite Loudspeaker Design fit in to all this?

I helped Nick with some loudspeaker designs as we both have a mutual understanding of how a loudspeaker should perform and sound.

I guess I proved my technical skills too Nick, because he suddenly told me he’s going to start a new loudspeaker brand in Australia and asked me if could be his technical Consultant in this endeavor and great adventure.

At first I must say I was a bit hesitant and I actually told Nick to think twice before going on, since I know how tough this branch is.

I’ve seen many brands come and go over the years, but if anyone is going to succeed, it’s Nick – So I told him that this is also a dream of mine and I’m going to help you!

Now about two years later HULGICH AUDIO is ready to conquer the world with its remarkable loudspeakers.

It’s seldom you see such strength and determination in a person, but Nicks got it and in only about two years of development he’s got a first review on the top of the line loudspeaker Astor in Australia’s largest Hifi magazine stereonet.

stereonet is in fact is the fourth largest on-line Hifi magazine in the world! – Not a bad feat in such a short time.

Both Nick and I are very proud of the warm reception and the good review the Astor got in stereonet and I end here and say…..

Congratulations Nick – You made it!

The review of the HULGICH AUDIO Astor can be found here: stereonet Astor Review!

More details about the HULGICH AUDIO loudspeakers can be found here: HULGICH AUDIO Loudspeakers.


Stay tuned…. There are more loudspeaker models to come!


AudioExcite Loudspeaker Design




Fountek NeoCD1.0 Measurements!

June 7, 2017 Posted by gornir

The Fountek NeoCD1.0 is a small low priced ribbon tweeter with an extended frequency response.

As many small sized ribbons the distortion profile is rather high, but if the cross-over frequency and filter topology is carefully chosen, the NeoCD1.0 is a nice sounding affordable ribbon tweeter.

For detailed measurements see: Fountek NeoCD1.0