The summer is almost over!

August 31, 2013 Posted by gornir


The summer is nearing its end and the autumn is soon here and it’s time for a short blog update!

For once, the summer weather has been wonderful in Sweden and I’ve had a nice relaxing time with the family. We traveled to Germany, France and Spain during the vacation and among other things, we visited vineyards and enjoyed a lot of delicious food and wines. 🙂

This summer, there hasn’t been much loudspeaker building, but I have been working on some custom built enclosures and baffles for the upcoming “Satori Two – Monitor” design.

The plan for the autumn and winter is to finish the “Sequence Three – Grand Reference” design which unfortunately has been paused for a long time due to time shortages and of course to finish the above mentioned “Satori Two – Monitor” design.

I have also bought a bunch of nice quality tweeters and mid-woofers in the lower price segment and I will evaluate them, measure them and publish the results during the autumn. Some of them will hopefully end up in some nice two-way monitor designs and possibly in a small slim 3-way floor-stander.



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