Revelation Two – Monitor WG Construction Released!

October 25, 2014 Posted by gornir


It has been a while since the last published loudspeaker design. The reason for that isn’t the lack of designs; it’s the lack of time to publish them!

The new Revelation Two – Monitor WG loudspeaker uses one of my absolute favorite mid-woofers, the ScanSpeak 15W/4531G00. With its smooth frequency response it’s very easy to work with and it sounds wonderful in shallow sloped cross-over designs.

This time I use a WG148R waveguide from Visaton in combination with the Dayton Audio RS28F-4 tweeter and the ScanSpeak 15W/4531G00 mid-woofer.

By using a waveguide it isn’t necessary to use a stepped or sloped baffle to time align the drivers in order to compensate for the drivers “relative acoustic center off-set”. This is important when using a shallow sloped cross-over topology like the second-order Linkwitz-Riley type of cross-over used in this loudspeaker design.

The waveguide also have the benefit of improving the dispersion and to give a smoother power response compared to a conventional mid-woofer + dome tweeter setup.

There are three versions of the cross-over, the Simplistic, the Perfectionist and something in between, the Intermediate.

Each of them is a valid option and can be chosen according to personal taste and e.g. room placement. In my opinion each extra step to the Perfectionist cross-over adds additional sonic qualities, but for the cross-over purists the Simplistic version is nice.

For further details see: Revelation Two – Monitor WG

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