SB Acoustics SB17NAC35-4 Measurements!

August 21, 2016 Posted by gornir


I’m not a super fan of hard cone drivers due to their limitations regarding severe cone break-ups and distortion profiles, but here’s an exception.

The SB Acoustics SB17NAC35-4 driver has all the benefits of a hard cone driver, but with the limitations in full control.

The cone geometry of this driver is excellent and it has some slits in cone in order to reduce the cone break-up. It dampens the break-up so effective that the 10kHz break up doesn’t show up in the third-order distortion plot at 3.3kHz. The overall distortion profile of this driver is very good. In fact it’s one of the best hard cone drivers I’ve had on the test bench.

For further details see:

SB Acoustics SB17NAC35-4

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