Revelation Series


Revelation Series is based around and uses carefully selected midranges and mid-woofer driver units from the well renowned company – ScanSpeak.

The mid-woofer driver units are chosen from the ScanSpeak “Revelator” series. Loudspeaker drivers from the “Revelator” series are used by many well renowned high end loudspeaker manufacturers like e.g. YG Acoustics, GamuT and many more. The “Revelator” loudspeaker drivers have an excellent build quality, consistency and are truly high end driver units. These drivers have a high price tag, but also delivers an astonishingly high performance.

ScanSpeak describes the “Revelator” series as follows:

“The Revelator series of midwoofers was introduced just before the the tweeters. The sliced paper cone technology represented a breakthrough in midrange clarity and overall smooth frequency response characteristics. The slices are filled with damping glue, which dramatically reduce break-up modes in the diaphragm.

The design of the Revelator sliced diaphragm has also been attempted to be copied. The lack of an application of damping to other designs keeps the copycats from providing a quality driver.

The Revelator series of woofers and subwoofers is the most recent addition to the series. Generally, it series provides much more cone excursion than previously available, a much more powerful magnet system, and 2″ voice coils with high power handling.”

Revelation Two – Monitor

Revelation Two – Monitor MkII

RRevelation Two – Monitor MkII BE