Who is?


Who is the author of AudioExcite?

My name is Göran and I live with my wonderful wife and daughter in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been building loudspeakers for +35 years now. In my youth I built a lot of PA speakers and high sensitivity designs and my favorite driver units at the time were JBL, Altec Lansing, Beyma, RCF and Fane. Over time I matured in my music listening and loudspeaker building and ended up where I am now, building mid to high-end audiophile loudspeakers that could fit into a normal living room.

In the very early 90:ies I started using and building  “computer aided loudspeaker” designs. A new way of building loudspeakers emerged with the introduction of the PC. Suddenly it was feasible for DIY:ers to build advanced loudspeakers with a reasonable investment for hardware and software.

My daytime job is to work as an “IT-Engineer”, but I spend my spare time on one of my favorite hobbies “designing loudspeakers”. I’m a frequent visitor at the diyAudio where my nick-name is “gornir”.

Keep in mind that English isn’t my native language. If you find some text on this web site that’s strangely composed, please fill in the Contact Form and send me a tip!


I hope you enjoy the reading on this website!

Best Regards


Author of the “AudioExcite Loudspeaker Design” website