Melbourne International Hifi Show 2017


Here is a show report from the Melbourne International Hifi Show 2017. It will be a short report since I was one of the Exhibitors together with Hulgich Audio and unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit the majority of the rooms at the show.


I promise you, it’s a lot of hard work setting up a listening room for a Hifi show!


But, it was worth it when everything were in place!

The following equipment was used when we played music on the Hulgich Audio loudspeakers.

Source: A Mac mini running JRiver Media Center and as a backup a fully modded Oppo 103.

DAC: Audio-GD NFB7.38 ($2000 Aud)

Pre-amp: JUNGSON JA-2 LUXURY EDITION ($1350 Aud)

Mono block amps: NORD ONE SE with Sonic Imagery 994 Class A Discrete Input Buffer ($3000 Aud/pair)

Speaker cable: Hulgich Audio FTM Speaker Cable ($485 Aud/2.5m)

This equipment paired with Hulgich Audio loudspeakers is a truly a “HighEnd for the People” setup and proves that a fantastic sound doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

A close up of the new great sounding Ella MkII 3-way loudspeaker.

The beautiful sounding Maestro 2.5-way lodspeaker in action.

The impressive sounding Serenade 2-way stand-mount loudspeaker.

Nicolas the founder and owner of Hulgich Audio is giving us the happy face and the audience seems to enjoy what they hear!

And the result of our hard work was this!

Let’s go and check the other stuff I managed to listen to and look at……

Some fully active horn loudspeakers running with DEQX HDP-5 digital preamp processor and small 2-way monitors, both from Australian made Krix.

Three stunningly looking active and passive speakers from the Australian made SGR Audio.

Active open baffle speakers from Spatial Audio running with DEQX HDP-5 digital preamp processor.

Another Australian made passive open baffle speaker from Neudrum.

Large floor-standing speakers from the Australian made VAF. Looks like SEAS drivers for the mids and tweeter.

Great sounding small fully active and DSP controlled stand-mount loudspeakers from Kii Audio.

And last but not least – Oscar, part of the Hulgich Audio Team. We couldn’t have managed without your skills and golden ears!

Thank you!