For Sale!


The driver units sold hear are from previous or scrapped design projects and some of them are brand new and never used.

Everything advertised here are for private sale and not for commercial purpose!

Due to shipping costs and customs fees, I will only sell the drivers within EU!

If not noted, shipping cost is not included in the price!

If you are interested of buying any of the items, please fill in the Contact Form!

ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6640:

ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/664000 Beryllium tweeter in mint condition. One of the very best dome tweeters. Used and tested for <75 hours!

*********** SOLD ***********


ScanSpeak Illuminator R3004/602010:


A new pair of ScanSpeak R3004/602010 in perfect condition. Only test measured. Mounting screws included.

*********** SOLD ***********


SEAS ER18RNX (H1456):

A pair of  SEAS ER18RNX 7″ mid-woofers. In perfect condition. Used less than 50 hours.

*********** SOLD ***********


Fountek JP 3.0 Ribbon Tweeter:

Matched Pair. These drivers are new and never used!

  *********** SOLD ***********

Very nice matched pair ribbon tweeters from Fountek with an all metal face-plate in a sturdy design. I recommend a cross-over > 3kHz.

Attention! Never try to connect a ribbon tweeter to an amp and play or do measurements without a protection cap (10-22uF). Otherwise you will break the ribbon and possibly your amp.

Peerless XXLS 12″ (830952):


Very nicely built 12″ sub-woofer driver unit with aluminium cone. Extra long stroke low distorting  design with a +/- 13mm linear excursion.

These drivers are new and never used!

  *********** SOLD ***********

T/S Parameters:

Extremely good consistency between the two driver units!

Recommended Enclosure:

I recommend using a closed box enclosure of 60liters together with some low bass EQ.

Enclosure tuning (anechoic response):

closed box:     bass-reflex box:

-3dB   40Hz               24Hz

-6dB   29Hz               20Hz

-12dB  18Hz               16Hz


SEAS L12RCY/P (H1207):


Very nice 4,5″ aluminium cone mid-woofers. For further details see: SEAS L12RCY/P

These drivers are in mint condition!

 *********** SOLD ***********

T/S Parameters:

Recommended Enclosure:

5 liter bass-reflex box with port tuned to 55Hz (anechoic response)

-3db = 55Hz

-6db = 49Hz

-12db = 42Hz

Vifa P13WH-00-08:

A classical 5″ driver unit from Vifa. These drivers are not suitable for woofer duties, but works fine as mid-ranges or in satellites  in a sub+sat design.

 ****** SOLD ******

T/S Parameters:

 Recommended Enclosure:

I recommend using the driver as a mid-range in a closed box enclosure.

Enclosure tuning (anechoic response):

closed box:      bass-reflex box:

-3dB   130Hz               73Hz

-6dB   100Hz               64Hz

-12dB  66Hz                54Hz


SEAS 27TBFC/G (H1212) Tweeter:

These drivers are in mint condition!

 *********** SOLD ***********

A classical high performance/low cost tweeter from SEAS used in many DIY designs. Very low distorting.