Excellence Series


Excellence Series is based around and uses carefully selected woofer driver units from the well renowned company – SEAS.

SEAS Excel Logo The mid-woofer driver units are chosen from the SEAS high end-level “Excel” series. Loudspeaker drivers from the “Excel” series are used by many well renowned high end loudspeaker manufacturers like e.g. SalkSound, Penaudio and many more. The “Excel” loudspeaker drivers have an excellent build quality, consistency and high end performance. These drivers have a higher price tag than the “Prestige” series, but also delivers an additional performance.

SEAS describes the “Excel” series as follows:

SEAS Excel drive units have been designed for the discerning listener who will accept nothing less than the very best. SEAS Excel drive units challenge the state of the art; combining world-class engineering with advanced materials and precise manufacturing techniques.

Excellence Two – Mini Monitor